Are you resourceful? Enthusiastic? Innovative? Able to leap buildings in a single bound? If yes, you just might have a future at CRG! 



Our internships are a great way to get a glimpse of the events industry and decide if it’s really for you. The program is designed to introduce you to the inner workings of corporate event planning. Our hope is that this opportunity will allow you to gain expertise and experience, exercise your analytical skills and demonstrate your resourcefulness. You will learn about the event management industry and apply what you learn in a professional business setting.

Through interactions with established professionals, interns often find mentors and role models who can inspire their future career planning.  Click here for a detailed description of the program. 

Our internship opportunities are available during the time periods listed below, though the dates can vary. For any questions regarding the program, please send an email to

To be considered for an internship, please plan to submit your resume via the “Submit Your Resume” button below. Fill out your contact information and in the Preferred Position field, please list “Internship” and the season you are applying for (Winter, Spring or Summer).

Event Management Internships:

  • Spring: February—May, must submit application by December 1
  • Summer: June—September, must submit application by April 1
  • Fall/Winter: October—January, must submit application by August 1


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