Event Registration is one of life’s great paradoxes.

It is so simpleEvent registration is simply a vehicle for people to let you know they want to attend your event and for you to learn more about them.


And yet it can be incredibly complex if you have different rules and requirements for different attendee types. We have worked on event registration projects that have had thousands of registration codes, with many, many registration paths based upon the attendee type. We know the questions to ask to enable your site to work seamlessly, provide you with the reporting you need to support business decisions, and create a straightforward process to register your attendees.

We work with a variety of solution providers and will recommend the best tool for your event based upon your requirements.  It may be an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution, or a custom tool. Whatever the solution is, our experienced professionals will guide you through the process.   

And after the registration website is live, we are here to speak personally with any one of your attendees who needs a helping hand with their payment, their hotel choice, or just has a few questions and wants to talk to a real live person about your event.

We have managed registration for events with up to 16,000 attendees, and we would love to have you talk with any of our clients about their experience with us.

We are expert professionals in the world of event registration. Let us help you solve one of life’s great paradoxes.

Our registration and housing services include:

  • Consulting to ensure that the attendee registration process meets your event and reporting requirements
  • Partnering with online registration solution providers
  • Attendee Customer Support Center
  • Hotel Room Block Management and Reporting
  • Hotel Masterbill Management
  • Travel Management
  • Payment Processing, Reporting and Financial Reconciliation
  • Onsite Services and Attendee Check-in
  • Name Badge Production
  • Registration Packet Production
  • Custom Registration Detail & Trend Reporting