What do we do? We help you sleep at night.

If you've ever been responsible for planning an event, you know that the details can be overwhelming. But it's the things you don't know, that keep you awake at night. "What have I forgotten?" is the nightmare that just won't stop.

At CRG Events, we know. We know what needs to be done and we know how to get it done. So go ahead, email us to learn more. You'll be sleeping better soon!


Event Planning

Creating an experience for your attendees that achieves your goals.

Steps along the way include site searches and venue contract negotiations. Timelines and budgets. Room sets, food and beverage, signage, giveaways, and evening events. Knowing which suppliers are the perfect fit for your A/V, staging, transportation, and temp staff requirements. Having an event professional on your team makes all of the difference.

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Event Registration

Determining the perfect attendee management solution for you.

Steps along the way: First, defining "perfect." What information needs to be captured from your attendees to help you make business decisions? Do your requirements dictate a more complex tool designed to manage large volumes of data and multiple price points? Regardless, CRG provides the expertise that is required to create a seamless experience for your attendees and provide you with essential business reporting every step of the way.

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Project Management

An event is a project. Many of the events we have managed over the years have been extremely complex projects. We use our project management skills to drive non-technical projects of all sizes. 

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Site Search & Contracting

Choosing an event destination and finding a venue can be daunting tasks, yet they are the first steps that must take place before the event can be planned. Which of the thousands of options is right for your program? How do you know the contract is fair? You can make destination and site selection easier by letting CRG do the legwork-saving you both time and money. Our dedicated site search specialist will research cities and venues, consult with you on your venue options, and take the guesswork out of contracting by mitigating your risk.

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