Global MVP Summit Attendee Celebration

This annual summit brings together over 2,200 of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), which consist of an international group of external experts and evangelists for specific Microsoft products. The four day event, which takes place at the Bellevue Hyatt and in 20 buildings across the Microsoft Redmond campus, concludes with a final night celebration.

In a nutshell:

  • The event was hosted at the Freemont Studios in Seattle.
  • CRG, in collaboration with key team members, developed the ‘superheroes’ theme. This played upon the fact that as Microsoft product experts, the attendees should be recognized as Microsoft’s "heroes". 
  • The superhero concept was further developed by creating custom event comic characters and a comic strip story line. Four custom superheroes were created that tied to Microsoft business goals objectives – Supercoder, Ultra App, Mobility Maven and Captain Cloud.
  • The comic characters and a comic strip story line were released prior to the party during the conference to generate excitement.
  • Images of the comic strip were projected on the panoramic digital wall screens.
  • CRG partnered with the catering vendor to create themed food concepts such as Dare Deviled Eggs, Crusader Empanadas, Tuscan Kale Power Salad and the Zap! Zang! Zoom! dipping sauce trio.
  • A live art demo took place during the event.  The graphic design artist was onsite to complete the comic strip with a custom designed comic book cover.

Entertainment and activities include:

  • A roaming Captain Cloud mascot for photo opportunities and attendee interaction.
  • A prop closet for attendees to get into character, with masks, capes and head pieces.
  • Airbrushed superhero masks.
  • Multiple caricaturists.
  • Green screen photo booth where guests could select their home city as the custom skyline backdrop, where they appear to fly over the city as a superhero.
  • Rockaroke.
  • Pinball lounge.
  • Xbox One gaming.